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Rand Community Center of Missouri Valley, IA
 Call us at: 712-642-4489
Mission Statement:
To build a sense of community through the participation of locally based services, community activities and events by providing a safe and secure Community Center dedicated to the well being of our senior citizens and all local residents.

We provide a place for community to happen among our Seniors such as daily coffee group and weekly sewing group and card group. See our activity page and calendar for weekly and monthly happenings.

We are the designated Red Cross emergency shelter site for Harrison County.  We are also host to many community groups such as Scouts, Bloodmobile, elections, family reunions, church functions, wedding receptions, and much more. Through out the year we service nearly 5000 community members.

Our center is located just off of 4th street in the downtown area, and is a place where people can gather to meet friends for coffee, interest clubs and games such as bridge, bingo, Wii and more. We also host holiday celebrations: Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas.

We are a private, non-profit organization supported by memberships and contributions from foundations, businesses, and individuals as well as the rentals of our facilities. 

Please consider making a donation by pressing the donate button!

Another service available for a small fee is Southwest Iowa Transit Bus (SWITA) which provides taxi services to anyone of any age Monday through Friday, from 9:15 am to 2 pm.  Please call 712-642-3215 for SWITA transportation!

Office Hours:
Tuesday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Appointments upon request

Phone: 712-642-4489
​Email: randcentermv@gmail.com
Or Contact: Events Manager, Ty Warner 402-699-1032
Welcome to Our Center